About Us

IRD Fuel Cells

At IRD Fuel Cells, we are devoted to the research, development, and production of fuel cell components. Developing top-quality fuel cells requires many years of experience and knowledge, as well as the expertise of a variety of specialists.

We have been in the business since 1996, and our highly skilled team comprises people with many different backgrounds – and since the beginning we have been striving for the same goal: To develop and ensure a sustainable future. 

We have a vision of being acknowledged as the leading supplier of unlimited energy solutions of the future, by offering tailor-made strategic components with focus on lowering the total cost of energy. 

Our R&D

Since the beginning in 1996, the backbone of our company has been innovation and a strong pioneering spirit. Still research and development are among our most important core competencies.

Our dedicated researchers are continuously working on improving our existing products: 

  • We are actively involved in internal R&D and collaboration with international research groups
  • We work proactively with customers and engage to constantly improve performance, price and quality
  • We offer R&D Contract work using a team of superior MEA and coating specialists

To us, every step is an important step in the further development of the unlimited energy solution that contributes to stopping climate change.