We are devoted to research, development, and production of fuel cells components

Fuel cells

Fuel cells are electrochemical device that converts hydrogen into electricity and heat, using only a catalyst and oxygen. Water is the only by-product, making fuel cells not only environmentally friendly, but also very efficient. In other words, a sustainable and economically viable solution.

In theory, there is no limit to the efficiency of a fuel cell or the ability to effectively extract more energy from fuel than combustion-based methods. Traditional internal combustion engines typically have an efficiency of around 30 %, whereas fuel cells can achieve 40-70 %, making it a worthwhile alternative that can be used now.

IRD Fuel Cells

At IRD Fuel Cells, we are devoted to the research, development, and production of fuel cell components, i.e. MEA’s, flow plates and complete systems.

Developing top-quality fuel cells requires many years of experience and knowledge, as well as the expertise of a variety of specialists. We have been in the business since 1996, and our highly skilled team comprises people with many different backgrounds – and since the beginning we have been striving for the same goal: To develop and ensure a sustainable future.